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Aqua Theo is always in the forefront of innovation. We are always looking into innovations and improving our products to make things simpler for everyone.

About Us

Aqua Theo Water Purifier is helping a lot of families and business establishments today to experience convenience in getting quality pure drinking water in the comforts of their home and businesses. Water is essential and many people now realize the importance of having their own sustainable water filtration system which has benefited thousand of families to date.

Our water dispensers reduce plastic waste

It helps you enjoy cold or hot water anytime

Water dispensers provide clean and well-filtered water

No more delivery hassles to deal with

Water dispenser helps save time and money

Aqua Theo — Love Water

In Aqua Theo Water Purifier We put Love in every drop. Our company has variety of water purifiers from:

We take pride in our extended support to our clients from installations and 24/7 customer care service ensuring your heath matters. With this quality water purifiers we share something by heart by giving you clean and safe drinking water for you and your family to enjoy.

Why Love Water?

Aqua Theo Water Filtration System is an excellent water filtration system that effectively removes pollutants from water and makes it safe for drinking. It eliminates impurities, bacteria, chemicals and certain other contaminants that can be harmful to your heath and wellness

Enhances our immune system

Helps body to eliminate toxic waste

Improve our body’s pH

Better Hydration

Helps weight loss

Rich in antioxidants

No more hassle of water deliveries.

No more waiting time.

No more water delivery man.

Having your water delivered at your home has the best chance of COVID-19 entering your home.

With our Water Purifier and Dispenser you wouldn't have to get your drinking water delivered because now UNLIMITED DRINKING IS AVAILABLE IN THE COMFORTS OF YOUR HOME


Plastic containers when being heated by sunlight releases toxins and substances that causes cancer?

All The Best For Everyone

Home water filtration system has helped thousands of families worldwide and it is helping you to enjoy convenience at home.

Outstanding Portable Alkaline and
Mineral Water Supplier

2022 Gold Seal of Quality Award

2022 Asia Pacific Excellence Award

2022 Global Brand Award

Thanks Aqua Theo for easy ordering via online and easy installation of Semter sink type. No more order of drinking water while I'm busy in the chores and I'm happy cooking with alkaline water and for my family drinking water. Have healthy living.

Jhona Palacio Palma

Sobrang useful and hindi na namin kailangan magpadeliver ng water. Walang pinagkaiba ang lasa sa mga binibili sa mga delivery station but dito sigurado na malinis kasi kayo mismo ang nagmemaintain at gumagamit. Sobrang space saving pa compared sa malalaking gallon ng water. Good investment specially in the long run!

Jericho Tamayo

Water quality is good so far.. Thankful for this alkaline water since this is gastritis friendly.

Xan Garcia

I purchased my alklaine dispenser last year and i am happy na hinili ko siya kasi i was able to save alot... and un tiln ow I have never encountered any iossues and very helpful din. ang mga tech nila... thank u

Ciaoemme Logranio

Aide from sure kana manlinis ang iniinum mong tubig. Hindi na rin hassle ang pagbili ng tubig. Since nagpandemic kas kami na ang nagpupunta sa water refilling station to buy our water, medyo tasky din since malayo kami from the station. Ngayon abot kamay na lang ang pagkuha ng tubig. and the best thing ang sarap ng lasa ng tubig. Thank you Aqua Theo Alkaline.

Vivian Santos


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