Aqua Theo Smart Filtered Pitcher

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Voltage (V) : 0
Use: Pitcher
Power Source: Manual
Function : Water Filter Pitcher
Capacity: 3,8 L
Material: ABS + AS
Feature 2: Alkaline Water Mineral Pitcher
Advantage: Easy Operating
Type: Activated Carbon
Application: Household
Feature: high pH value : 8.5- 9pH
Feature 2: low ORP Value: -100mv to -250mv
Certification: ce, RoHS

Convert tap water into Filtered Alkaline and Mineral water in just minutes!
Guaranteed Safe and Clean drinking water for you to enjoy!
✔️6 filtration system
✔️Cost efficient
✔️Filter cartridge indicator
✔️100% BBA FREE
✔️FDA approved food grade materials
Turns Regular Tap water into Mineralized and Alkaline Water in just minutes